Per Aspera Ad Astra (Marsch)
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Per Aspera Ad Astra (Marsch) Ernst Urbach / Arr. Andreas Schorer

Alternativtitel: Auf Rauhen Pfaden zu den Sternen
Although basically a theatre musician, Ernst Urbach like several of his contemporaries composed a number of marches of a distinctly military flavor. One of them is the "Regina-Marsch", the official march of the Royal Swedish Navy. More so, however, this assessment pertains to his best known march, namely "Per aspera ad astra", op. 4. It definitely ranks among for all-time great marches of international appeal that still belongs to the repertory of many fine bands.

Besetzungsliste / Instrumentation:

Full Score
Condensed Score
Flute (3x)
Clarinet Eb
Clarinet Bb 1 (3x)
Clarinet Bb 2 (3x)
Clarinet Bb 3 (3x)
Bass Clarinet Bb
Alto Saxophone Eb 1
Alto Saxophone Eb 2
Tenor Saxophone Bb 1
Tenor Saxophone Bb 2
Baritone Saxophon Eb
Cornet / Flugelhorn Bb 1 (3x)
Cornet / Flugelhorn Bb 2 (3x)
Trumpet Bb 1 (2x)
Trumpet Bb 2 (2x)
Trumpet Bb 3 (2x)
Horn (F/Eb) 1
Horn (F/Eb) 2
Horn (F/Eb) 3
Trombone (C/Bb) 1 (2x)
Trombone (C/Bb) 2 (2x)
Trombone (C/Bb) 3 (2x)
Baritone 1 (Bb) (3x)
Baritone 2 (Bb)
Baritone 3 (Bb)
Euphonium (C/Bb) (3x)
Tuba 1 (C / Eb) (2x)
Tuba 2 (C / Bb) (3x)
Snare Drum (2x)
Cymbals / Bass Drum (2x)
Drums (2x)

BENELUX Edition:
Euphonium Bb BC (2x)
Trombone Bb BC 1
Trombone Bb BC 2
Trombone Bb BC 3
Contrebasse Mib
Contrebasse Sib (2x)
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Duration:3:29 min
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Composer:Ernst Urbach
Arranger:Andreas Schorer
Publisher:Edition Schorer Music Publishing
Instrumentation:Blasorchester Noten / Concert Band

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